At FOUG, we’re passionate:

We’re passionate about helping our clients discover possibilities and seize opportunities. We excel at guiding you toward informed decisions and helping you take action for sustainable results. Thanks to our network of loyal partners, we can support you even with the most complex projects.

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Organizational Design
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Employee Engagement
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Approaches and Models

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No matter what kind of challenges you face, we focus on what works best for you, in line with the appreciative inquiry approach.

Organizational Transformation

How can you maintain focus during transition periods without exhausting and confusing people? Our change management approach is possibly different from what you are accustomed to; we choose to talk about support during transformation. The approach we’ve been using for 10 years is focused on three powerful levers: start, connect and learn. In this complex and fast-paced world, we believe that the future is now.

Bring FOUG on board for:

  • Cultural transformation
  • Participative and collaborative innovation
  • Implementation of new business strategies or technologies
  • Restructuring
  • Review of your processes

Organizational Design

Looking to align business strategies, work organization and employee tasks? We provide support and objectivity with meaningful solutions to improve agility and organizational performance.

Bring FOUG on board for:

  • Work reorganization
  • Performance improvement
  • Change in governance
  • Process review
  • Continuous improvement

Strategic Thinking

We have 25 years of experience facilitating strategic planning efforts. We strive to adapt our approach to ever-changing business environments and mostly to your organization’s culture and needs. We strongly believe that strategic exercises need to be dynamic, engaging and simple.

Bring FOUG on board for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business model generation
  • Annual planning
  • Yearly review

Employee Engagement

In the competition for top talent, employee engagement is the most important pillar of your organization. You will be advised on the best approach to mobilize your employees to provide meaning, strengthen relationships of trust and encourage the full contribution of all players.

Bring FOUG on board for:

  • Follow-up on employee engagement survey results
  • Teambuilding (Teaming)
  • Optimization of the employee and client experience
  • Collaborative approaches

Meeting Facilitation

When you meet with your team, you want to maximize the time invested and leverage collective intelligence to achieve your goals. We have mastered the art of getting groups of all sizes to pool their strengths and diversities in the service of a shared project or vision. FOUG has facilitated more than 3500 meetings and led groups of 3 to 500 participants, in English, in French and also in both languages!

Bring FOUG on board for:

  • Manager and employee forum
  • Team retreat, teambuilding activity
  • Inter-sector meeting
  • Collaborative approach (Open Space, World Café, Future Search, etc.)
  • Design thinking

Approaches and Models

We care about results, while being respectful of the pace of each client and organization. Our recommendations, based on proven methods, are adapted to your unique needs.

We employ the following approaches and tools to serve you:

  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach, since 1998
  • Business Model Generation, since 2013
  • Cultural Transformation, since 2009
  • Design thinking, since 2009
  • Integral Transformation, since 2003
  • Open Space Technology, since 1989
  • Teaming, since 2015
  • Whole-Scale® Change, Dannemiller Tyson, since 1999
  • Mind Mapping, since 1996
  • Future Search, since 1988
  • World Café, since 2002
  • Art of Hosting, since 2004
  • Theory U, since 2009
  • Viral Change, since 2009
… and many other collaborative approaches for groups of all sizes, custom developed for you.

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