What is Service Design?

The objective of service design is to improve the quality of services and of interaction between an organization and its customers, thereby increasing desirability.

A service design process can involve planning a new service or improving an existing service within an organization. The method is centred around the customer experience and focuses on desirability, feasibility and viability.

Introduction to Service Design

Given during a webinar with the college La Cité, this video (available in French only) offers an introduction to service design and the tools and techniques to adopt to design your clients’ experiences in a new digital world. Please note that this video is in French only at the moment.

A Humanistic Approach

Service design is based on empathy, cocreation and systematic thinking.
In this digital age, these humanistic foundations are more relevant than ever!

Design Thinking is at the Heart of our Approach

Why choose Service Design?

By focusing on the moments of truth* experienced by customers, service design helps companies and organizations invest their energy in the right places.

The result is a better understanding of the customer and increased organizational efficiency.

* Moments of truth are the critical moments when the customer chooses to continue to consume a product or service or to abandon a product or service and move to a competitor.

A Winning Formula

How do you know if you’re headed in the right direction?
If your service or product is viable, feasible and desirable, you’ve got a winning formula!

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